Branding Kowalski Family Law

Kowalski Family Law, LLC is a new law firm that specializes in all family matters: Divorce, Paternity, Support, Guardianship, TPR, Mediation, Appeals and Guardian ad litem services. They provide the highest quality legal service, in a style most convenient and cost-effective for you, to achieve your goals. Kowalski Family Law meets this standard through personal attention to detail, multiple fee structures, and a wide variety of communication options for clients. The law firm has two locations, Madison, WI and Baraboo, WI, and serves most counties and Wisconsin.

David Kowalski from Kowalski Family law and I worked together to develop a branding system prior to the company’s launch. We collaborated to establish a brand that emphasizes strength, honor and family values.

The identity mark was inspired by the Osprey (also known as Sea Hawk and Fish Eagle), a highly specialized fish-catching bird. The bird does not wait for the fish to jump out of the water to meet him, instead an osprey splashes in headfirst, even putting its head under the water. Osprey teaches us to take risks, and to not be frightened of grasping opportunities just because they seem like they’re out of our reach. Ospreys also represent safety and security, honor and hard work, and make excellent guides.

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